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We enforce your claims efficiently in or out of court.

Ellenrieder enforces

Cartel Damage Claims

Besides the defence against cartel damage claims we also focus on enforcement of cartel damages and other antitrust damage claims for your company.

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    Not only because of Nils Ellenrieder's PhD in cartel damage claims and his enthusiasm for this topic, there is also a strong focus in practice. In the last few years the enforcement system for follow-on cartel damage claims has been developed and enhanced significantly due to legislative action and case law of courts. In addition, stand alone cases (i.e. without direct previous proceedings before an antitrust authority) can be enforced, depending upon the case.

    Our service includes inter alia the following:

    • Initial success assessment on the basis of the relevant facts and determination of the enformcement strategy.
    • Securing of claims, preparation of claim letters and out-of-court enforcement.
    • If needed substantiation by economic evidence.
    • If needed further information gathering and collection of the relevant facts.
    • If needed bringing of an action before the competent court.

    Our service also includes the preparation of damage claims concerning vertical restraints and abusive behaviour.

Enforceability, Validity or Termination of Contract Clauses or Contracts

If you are in discussions about the enforceability, validity or termination of a contract or contract clauses we can support you and will assert claims if needed (preliminary injunction, delivery or payment claims and damage claims).


If need be we are happy to prepare complaints to the antitrust authorities for you.

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